Community Led Plans

Are you concerned about what is being planned in your area? Do you want to influence the planning system? We specialise in working with communities to develop plans that challenge developers and government to create a beautiful built environment that promotes well-being and facilitates prosperity for all. 

Community Consultation

Are you undertaking community consultation and need some help? We can lead this process or act as an assistant facilitator if you need an extra pair of hands.

Local Development Plan Submissions

Do you have a potential development site that you wish to promote for inclusion in your local development plan? We can promote your site and make your submission to the local planning authority.

Planning and Urban Design Advice

Do you need help to create a great place? We participate in multi-disciplinary design teams providing expert planning and urban design advice to help shape development proposals. 

Mapping and Spatial Intelligence

Do you have a 'where' question or need a map? We use the latest geographic information software to help with mapping and spatial decision making.

Development Appraisals

Do you need planning advice before spending too much on your proposal? We can prepare an appraisal to  identify constraints and opportunities, apply the planning policy context and advise on whether planning permission is likely to be obtained and consequently if your project should be pursued.