We specialise in forward planning through engagement with the local development plan (LDP) preparation process. Our services in this field include the formulation of submissions to local councils in response to consultations on their LDP.

If you have specific sites that you wish to promote or policy areas with which you wish to engage, please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.

believe that planning is at its most successful when it is undertaken as

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Urban Design

We believe that a 'design-led' approach to development will achieve the best results for our built environment. We can undertake site analysis and formulate options for development.

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Spatial Intelligence

Informed decisions require evidence; in the context of planning and urban design this can be achieved through the use of the latest geographic information system technologies. The tools available and their ability to collect, analyse and understand complex data-sets enable us to communicate spatial information with greater ease than ever before.

We can provide spatial intelligence services to better understand how places function.

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About Us


PUDSI is an interdisciplinary consultancy providing Planning, Urban Design and Spatial Intelligence services. We are passionate about place and believe that all development should aim to be of the highest standard.  

Our aim is to use the latest technology to enable informed decision making on the location and form of development.

We consider that planning is at its best when it is undertaken as a collaborative process between developers, communities, elected representatives and professional advisers.

We think that high quality urban design does not have to come at a high price. Sometimes the simplest design and materials can have a positive impact if the layout and arrangement of buildings is carefully considered.